Interview with Prof Thomson

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Listen to the following ESPGHAN Spotify Podcast link where Prof Thomson discusses interventional endoscopy with Dr. Alex Knisely.

'Dr. Alex Knisely is talking today to Dr. Mike Thomson of Sheffield (England), a gastroenterologist whose true love is endoscopy – interventional endoscopy. Mike has contributed substantially to systematising approaches to upper endoscopy in the setting of acute haemorrhage in children : As always, the indications differ between children and adults. Not only that, too few persons, whether paediatric or adult gastroenterologists, are trained well enough to manage such haemorrhage efficiently, which calls for centralisation (with patient transfer) of this aspect of paediatric endoscopy services. Mike takes us through prevention of button-battery ingestion, as a cause of catastrophic haemorrhage all too common; guideline establishment; training regimens . . . and, finally, yes, veterinary endoscopy. No, really ! But you have to listen all the way through to hear that.'

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