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Bacterial overgrowth

Awareness of this as a gut related problem with gut related motility problems is becoming increasingly evident and this is due to an imbalance between the “good” bacteria (acidophilus and lactobacillus among others) versus the “bad” bacteria (Clostridium species, gram negative bacteria) and a dysequilibrium can occur after such things as bad gut infections. It is clear that repopulating the gut with the good bacteria using products which are concentrated forms of probiotics such as Yakult is a good way to promote good gut function and it is often a good adjunct to normal treatment of gut problems for these to be used.

There is emerging evidence that high doses of these may help in gut function such as constipation and even as an adjunctive treatment in some forms of inflammatory bowel disease. This can be obtained at health food shops and pharmacy and one example is Biocare Acidophilus or Biocare Plus or Biokult. Bacterial overgrowth can often occur if somebody has had previous surgery and there was a stagnant loop of small bowel left. One way to diagnose this is by a breath test called a Lactulose breath test which is a non-invasive way of making this diagnosis.

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