paediatric stomach doctor


Clearance of bowel prior to examinationby colonoscopy
Weekend therapy for patients with chronic constipation

Oral powder. Active ingredients are sodium picosulphate 10mg with magnesium citrate formed in solution.

< 1 year: None
1 – 4 years: 1/4 sachet
4 – 6 years: 1/2 sachet
over 6 years: 1 sachet

Explain preparation of liquid

Side effects:
Griping pains may occur.

Patients with undiagnosed abdominal pain or where intestinal obstruction is suspected.

Sodium picosulphate increases the rate of gastrointestinal transit and absorption of other oral medication may require modification during the treatment period.

Provide dosage sheet. Low residue diet recommended for 2 days prior to administration.
Liberal intake of clear fluids during treatment.
Frequent bowel movements 3 hours after the first dose.

Licensing status:
Licensed in children of 1 year or above

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