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Kleen Prep

Bowel prep prior to colonoscopy, faecal impaction.

Oral powder

Add contents of 1 sachet to 1 litre of water.
Then 10ml/kg/hr for 30min then 20ml/kg/hr for 30min.
If tolerated , increase to 25ml/kg/hr.
Maximum volume is 100ml/kg or 4000ml (whichever is smaller) over 4 hours.

Side effects:
Nausea, abdominal fullness, bloating, abdominal cramps and anal irritation.
Fluid overload or dehydration may occur.
Electrolyte disturbance and hypoglycaemia (see notes)
Urticaria and allergic reactions occur rarely.

Any medication given within one hour of administration of klean prep maybe flushed from the GI tract and not absorbed.

GI obstruction or perforation, ileus, gastric retention, acute gastritis or intestinal ulceration, toxic colitis or megacolon.
Caution in patients with impaired gag reflex or those with gastro-oesphageal relux.
Caution in patients <20kg

If adverse effects are suspected, U+E’s and glucose should be monitored or if treatment is to continue beyond 4 hours.
1 sachet / 1000ml water = 125mmol Na+, 10mmol K+, 4mmol SO42-, 35mmol Cl-

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