Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Interventional Endoscopist – Professor in Paediatric Gastroenterology.

Professor Mike Thomson MBChB DCH FRCP FRCPCH MD was trained firstly in Paediatrics then in the sub-speciality of Paediatric Gastroenterology and also focused widely on Paediatric Hepatology and Paediatric Nutrition. He was a Consultant at the Centre for Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition at the Royal Free Hospital for nearly 10 years before moving in 2004 to the Centre for Paediatric Gastroenterology at Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Professor Thomson works at The Portland Hospital in Central London one or two days a week and has done so for the last 20 years. He also works at Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield outside normal NHS working hours.

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Professor Thomson

What People Say

  • Dr Thomson, I hope this news gives you extreme job satisfaction....last month our 13 year old son went back to school full time and was able to join in again with PE etc; he is also back to playing football, swimming and going to army cadets. He represented Bucks County with some of his platoon at the Southern Football qualifiers, they won all their matches and amazingly, he was scouted and has been chosen to play in the National Cadet Finals in Scotland in March. His whole platoon celebrated last night for him, the school couldn't believe it; they are so pleased and we are so proud and happy. He was so pleased with himself, because he used to play for MK Dons academy before he became ill last year. He told me the other day 'if I hadn't seen Dr Thomson none of this would have happened and I wouldn't be feeling like this'. I told him I would tell have changed this boy’s life. Thank you.

    Mrs M

  • I wanted to send you a quick email to pass on to Mike Thomson, Dr Thomson treated my son Thomas after he suffered from tummy trouble, which manifested in numerous ways. Dr Thomson, you have been an amazing help in getting Thomas back to normal and myself and Victoria cannot thank you enough. If people like your self didn’t work as hard as you do, and elevate themselves to a position of such education and understanding the world would be a lesser place, so I thank you. You wouldn’t even know that Thomas had ever suffered or ever been in discomfort. I always thought, no one else could understand the value and importance of my child’s health, until we met you. Thank you.

    Chris, Victoria and Thomas Bennett

  • I have been extremely impressed with Dr Thomson's clinic. Having battled with terrible service at another London hospital for three years, the difference has been remarkable. His PA, Kate is always contactable by phone and email and any queries are dealt with very promptly which is invaluable. My son's recent endoscopy was absolutely seamless from the admin to the nursing and most importantly the care of both Dr Thomson and the anaesthetist. I at last feel like I am somewhere where I have complete confidence in a consultant and we may make some progress with my son's treatment. I only wish I had come to the Portland sooner.


  • Following a proposed treatment by another Consultant I was unhappy with, I trawled the internet in search of another Consultant to seek a second opinion. This research was not taken lightly and we found Dr Thomson. We were particularly impressed by his knowledge in the subject and the number of books/papers written and edited by him. From the initial contact with his Secretary an appointment was made without much delay. The past experience had made our already anxious son even more so but Dr Thomson had an ability to make him feel comfortable even to the point of us getting some blood tests done (something we didn't think would be possible) as my son has a phobia of needles! Dr Thomson was very thorough in his examinations to finding a conclusion and gave our son a treatment which worked not only well but without nasty side effects and no disruption to his life. We are delighted to have found Dr Thomson and would highly recommend him both in his abilities and communicative skills with children.


  • My daughter, who is 10 years, had been suffering for over a year with an illness. Despite several visit to the hospitals, it was left unexplained. As her symptoms became worse we knew we had to do something and contacted Kate King / Dr Thomson. It was refreshing to receive a very prompt reply and an appointment was made for her to see Dr Thomson at The Great Portland Street Hospital in London. Immediately he felt he knew it was Ulcerative Colitis and she underwent a colonoscopy and endoscopy that same day. The attention and care she received from the whole team was outstanding. The diagnosis was confirmed that evening and treatment commenced immediately. Follow up appointments were swift and easy to arrange and she was able to reach remission - just in time for a very special holiday. We cannot thank Dr Thomson, Kate and the nurses enough and I would have no hesitation in recommending. Thank you.

    Heidi & Jonathan Rickard

  • We were referred to Dr Mike Thomson, following our daughter having been very poorly, and in hospital for a few days, and showing little signs of recovery. We were very worried, especially as the diagnosis up to that point was not clear to us. Upon seeing Dr Thomson, he gave us a very clear diagnosis and a structured recovery plan, as well as discussing with us a Plan B, if that didn't work. This clarity gave us confidence, for the first time since she had become poorly, that she was in good hands and would recover well, as indeed she did under his recovery plan. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Thomson, as he gave us complete peace of mind, and wouldn't hesitate to use him again if the need arose

    R Rodriguez

  • I discovered Dr Thomson through reading about him on the internet. When we first met him, I was struck by how personable he was. I thought he was very patient- focussed and took a particular interest in asking my daughter how she was feeling and getting her to describe her symptoms. Overall, he was kind and attentive. He did not rush the consultation and was both compassionate and professional in his approach. Following on from the initial consultation, he recommended further investigative procedures and treatment which so far have been successful in terms of addressing the underlying issues.

    Laila’s mum

  • When I first went to see Dr Thomson I was in a lot of pain. I found him to be very sympathetic and caring. He was interested in knowing how I was feeling and asked me lots of questions. I would happily recommend him to others.

    Laila, Age 11

  • After months of concern, misdiagnosis and unhelpful advice from GPs, we took our 3 year old daughter to see Dr Thomson. He diagnosed the issue straightaway and prescribed a very simple course of treatment. Our daughter is now a different girl. She can pass stools normally and has made great progress in toilet training, which had previously been impossible. She has increased vitality, improved appetite and mood. She is altogether a much happier little girl. We are very grateful to Dr Thomson and we have no hesitation in recommending him to any concerned parents.

    Mr & Mrs D

  • Our 13 year-old son has been seeing Dr Thomson for nearly 9 months now for his ulcerative colitis. Before he was diagnosed by Dr Thomson, we were living through a very scary time, as there was clearly something very wrong with our son. From the start, Dr Thomson was very calm, clear, reassuring, patient to answer all of our questions, and he provided a plan. When that plan needed to be changed, Dr Thomson was proactive, and reassured us all. Communication with Dr Thomson is excellent, thanks to Kate for such an efficient response time and being a wonderful link to the doctor. We feel, and are convinced based on experience, that our son is in the best hands.

    Raquel and Dietrich

  • Dr Thomson gets to know his patients and understands how they feel. I feel relaxed around him, and reassured that I am going to be fine. I like him because he makes me feel like I am in good hands.

    Adrian (13)

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